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Are you ready to witness the minds of the business world clash on the 64 squares? The World Corporate Chess Championship brings together the sharpest strategic thinkers from leading companies across the globe. Whether you’re a seasoned chess player or simply curious about this unique event, this FAQ section is here to answer your questions and guide you through the thrilling competition.

How do I register my company for the FIDE World Corporate Chess Championship 2024?

To register your company, please visit our official website and navigate to the registration section. Follow the step-by-step instructions provided to complete the registration process.

What is the registration fee, and how can I pay it?

The registration fee for the championship is 500 Euros per team, with a re-entry fee of 300 Euros. Payment can be made via bank transfer or PayPal transfer. Detailed payment instructions are available in the Annex 2 section of the regulation.

Can multiple teams from the same company participate?

Yes, multiple teams from the same company are allowed to participate in the championship. Each team must be registered separately, and the relevant location should be clearly indicated in the team's name during registration.

Are there any eligibility criteria for team members?

All players representing a company must be employees (full-time or substantial part-time) of the company since at least August 1, 2023. Additionally, each team must have at least one male and one female player in every match, among other requirements outlined in the regulations. It's important to note that there is a restriction on the FIDE standard rating of players, with only one player per team allowed to have a rating exceeding 2400 as of January 1, 2024.

How many players can be in a team, and can the team composition change?

Each team must consist of four players for any playing date except for the final. The team composition can vary for different tournaments within the competition, and changes to the composition must be approved by the Chief Arbiter.

What are the tournament stages, and how does the qualification process work?

The championship consists of online qualifiers, online knockout stages, and finals. Teams compete in the qualifiers to advance to the knockout stages, with the winners proceeding to the finals. Detailed information on tournament format and schedules can be found in the regulation and in the website section dedicated to the event description.

Are there any prizes or rewards for participating teams?

Yes, the winning team of the finals will be crowned as the FIDE World Corporate Championship 2024 Champions. Additionally, teams reaching the knockout stage secure seats to participate in an online simultaneous chess game against participants of the FIDE Candidates Tournament 2024. All teams will also receive digital participation certificates.

How is fair play ensured during the championship?

The championship implements online fair play measures, including the establishment of a Fair Play Panel and adherence to FIDE's Fair Play Regulations. Suspected fair-play violations are thoroughly investigated, and appropriate sanctions may be imposed on violators.

Will the championship be broadcasted or streamed online?

Yes, the championship will be live-streamed, allowing viewers to follow the matches in real-time. Additionally, updates and highlights will be shared across official social media channels, providing comprehensive coverage of the event.

Where can I find more information or contact organizers for assistance?

For further inquiries or clarifications regarding the championship, you can contact FIDE at the email address worldcorporate@fide.com. Additionally, comprehensive regulations and guidelines are available on the official championship website for reference.

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