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FIDE World Corporate Chess Championship 2024

Get ready to witness the exhilarating clash of corporate masters on the chessboard. In this prestigious event, teams from around the globe compete not only for victory but also to showcase strategic prowess and teamwork. Stay tuned for thrilling matches and follow #FWCCC2024!

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The above data taken from the first edition held in 2021.

About FWCCC'24

FIDE World Corporate Chess Championship is a prestigious event that brings together corporate teams from across the globe to compete in the realm of chess. It serves as a platform for professionals to showcase their strategic prowess, teamwork, and competitive spirit in a uniquely corporate setting. This championship not only promotes the game of chess but also fosters camaraderie among participants from diverse industries and backgrounds. It offers an opportunity for networking, skill development, and friendly competition on an international stage, highlighting the universal appeal and benefits of chess in  the corporate world.

Meet players from all over the world from over hundreds of companies. Challenge them in amazing duels and be the winner.

Chess sharpens critical thinking skills by requiring players to analyze positions and anticipate opponent moves.

Chess presents players with complex problems to solve within a limited time frame, fostering effective problem-solving abilities both on and off the board.

You can only get good
at chess if you love the game.